Jul 8, 2012

Talk to the Hand

Currently I am trying to both create (and learn whilst doing) how to model a good hand. Things are always more complicated than they seem at this early stage of learning modelling. This is the crude design... I would like to see it look a little more human and a little less goof troop. There is a ton of usage once I get it looking like a real hand... for Neverwinter Nights 2 applications...

  • A standing statue of a hand (for Helm and any other hand symbol based deity)
  • Enhancing Bigby's line of spells visual effects
  • A floating and attacking hand creature
  • A clawed handed
Once the hand is good, I can create an animation skeleton so I can freeze it into various poses, alter the detail level, size, nails, and finger fatness to get various results.


  1. Yeh! I think I know where this may be heading .... :)


  2. if your intrested
    a pretty good tutorial showing how to make a good hand.
    i learned 3ds max from watching this guys tutorials a few years ago


  3. thank you sire. I will check that out too, although I find a lot of them get way too involved; I'm just trying to really, do a normal mapped version of something for the first time ever. That's the real obstacle separating my prototype (as it has now evolved into) from a 3ds max file from a viable in game model. I think its more 3d studio specific interface knowledge I lack more than the actual art/geometry guidance a lot of these guides give.

    Example: the thumb is not perfect vertical like the other fingers and I found it got all screwed up when I tried to manipulate it beause it was neither 100% horizontal or 100% vertical. Clearly the view-local option wasn't working fully or I wasn't using it right.

    1. when i started playing around with 3ds max i wasn't working or really doing anything,so i had tons of time
      to watch dozens of tutorials, and even then theres allot of trial and error involved,so i understand
      what you mean when you say "to involved".

      Yeah normal mapping was a real headache I think I ended up using xNormal(its free) when i tried getting stuff into nwn2,never released anything i did back then cus i was never really happy with the outcome.

      i think iv gotten better over the past 5 years even though it was just hobby i didn't have that much time for.for the next month i am free maybe ill try making something again :)

      about the thumb ,your talking about the normal map?
      i don't even remember what view local option has to do with that LOL but i do remember doing hands without a problem ill play around with it.

  4. If you manipulate (as in move, scale etc) items with the "local" selected, when you move up and down it moves up and down RELATIVE to the selected objetcs. So if I had selected all the thumb vertexes and the thumb is clearly at an angle, it moves them all up and down in a perfect alignment with the way the thumb is facing. The standard method "view" only moves things vertically according to the viewport. This would work if it actually worked... I wasnt able to manipulate everything I wanted with the local view, it just simply refused to respond as it should for some operations.