Sep 27, 2010

The final week

Well thanks to some handy resources from Shaun the Mentally Unstable One, I now have 6 new vocalists to make my project come to light. This week I run through everything recommended by my players and final grammar checks.

Simultaneously, my audio soldiers will record and give life to this campaign. I'm really glad it worked out because 3 years ago when I set out, I wanted to have BG2 style voice overs all along (the sparingly used ones, and rarely in cut scene format). It's going to put the polish level in near respectability with the talent I have assembled for the often ignored audio portion of modding.

Right now I have to do some checks and balances on the combats in the tour-de-force that is chapter 3.

This is the final week for my part; just whatever time it takes for all the voices to roll in after, people have been pretty punctual with this new group however.

Sep 21, 2010

The Islander Experience

So now that Islander is complete and tested and re-completed, posts from here in will talk details.

  • Play time: 20 hours
  • Party size: 6
  • Companions: 2 forced, with 6 more to fill the final 3 spots, swappable throughout the game.
  • Level: 1 - 6 (finishing well into level 6 with exp)
  • Combat: Moderate
  • Skill use: occasional, but essential when required, few skills ignored completely
  • Traps: Average in number, but definitely requires rogue abilities
  • Weapons: 1 to 2 unique magical varients of each type featured in infinity games
  • Armor: 1 or 2 suits for each type of dexterity range, some class specific
  • Magic use: heavy. Wands and scrolls make even your low level mages more "magical".
  • Tactics: occasional, yet essential. Some encounters are really just this side of impossible without the proper plan.
  • Combat style: fairly fluid easy' common battles, with distinctly tougher bosses
  • Dialogue: lighter than average
  • Puzzles: sporadic
  • Non-combat quests: above average in quantity
  • Characters: built with personalities, light but often memorable dialogue
  • Alignment: good
  • Race/Gender: any
  • Chapters: 3
  • Custom Additions: prefab and existing custom content from the community as well as never before seen placeables created by myself, and a completely re-invented spell effects array. All the most popular spells up to level 3 have new effects.
  • Music: custom new track by Hoegbo

That's it for now...

Sep 8, 2010

Pre Test complete

One of the players in the pool has gotten through the entire campaign. The others are slower but have advanced through chapter 1 which is essentially where every issue was, as expected.

Not only have I corrected their issues but I have done some area "finishing" so to speak, making merely functional areas more realistic and bustling.

I added somethings strictly for fun and to more closely fit the Islander claim; I said there will be challenging boss combats, so I've added some where there was no "boss" character before.

Now it truly is down to voice acting only.