Dec 31, 2011

Out with the Old?

Well the year is almost up. Does anyone care? I guess it's the end of the world this year as well ;) so that's newsworthy.

I've been thinking of what I could fill this blog with and my (currently reduced) spare time. There is certainly enough games to talk about, and I welcome new neverwinter nights 2 modules from my fellows, although this blog will certainly be less centric to that theme.

As I said, spare time is fewer these days, and my career may change again next month. Hopefully towards a job that has nothing to do with computers or sitting so that I can actually use my computer when I come home for games / hobbies. Which is not the current case, with the knife like pain in my left eye from ridiculous amounts of unwavering computer use at work leaving me incapacitated.. So here's hoping.

Some areas my blog may take are the highly fun fields of speculation (is there a new D&D game on the horizon? Toolset? etc) and general game talk, or talking from my rear end on the odd night as I am so doing.

I decided one way I could do a little hobbying without tying myself to any toolset, was to just try my hand at modelling. Of course my models could be made to work in varying sets if I can put in the time and desire to learn the steps of making them compatible. I started a great tutorial for making some anime looking cartoon girl warrior, but after 2 hours I had only gotten as far as the foot. But I read a head a bit and I think I got the basic idea of "cube modelling". Theoretically this technique can make anything. Like most things however, there are different and better ways to do certain things.

For now though you can see how my series of ugly pixelated lego blocks becomes a functional foot.

Now the problem here is I started modifying the girls perfectly formed foot into a large, more beast like foot. Then I added two pincer-like toes. Now the question is what do you do with this?

I had a couple ideas in mind when I began the model. It could become the foot of an ogrillion or flesh golem (explains the missing toes). But then of course adding claws and it quickly becomes a demon foot or dragon like foot if you add a rear claw.

I also considered making it human again and creating a clone of the fatso model from infinity games. And who wouldn't want that?

I suppose I can modularize this model and actually finish it that way without going insane. The foot is done, and it's one project within a project. Next can be the leg.

But I still have to quickly decide what the model is... kind of stupid to not have decided first, I know. Bearing in mind that the foot can still be reformed, toes added, etc, any suggestions? I'm trying to think of a D&D creature that was painfully missed in NWN2.
If I build it it could be ported to varying games I imagine.