May 24, 2013

There is a pulse...

With most things sorted out, I will be doing some modding again.

My blog (and reflected experiments) have kind of been all over the map.

I want to focus on finishing my 1 month challenge mod (that I started... can you believe it... TWO years ago). But it will require some more basic and if possible, advanced custom modelling, for it to meet my plans.

My plans are probably unreachable. But plans are plans.

So I'll handle the module first, make it playable end to end and then I'll have a chance to get as far as I can with the custom modelling I've learned. I still think the crocodile is finishable, I did get it to animate but all of the steps involved made my head almost cave in so I kinda took a step back from models, for now.

So Karmic Troupers Episode One is back on. And a short time frame, as originally planned.