Feb 16, 2010

Saw a great medeival "B" movie today

I'm just piping in to spread the word of a really good 2009 movie I saw on the movie channel today. It was two near two hour parts, they played back to back.

It appeared it was a made for tv type of movie, Knights of Bloodsteel, total time 240 minutes.

Apparently it was also made here in Canada so yay for us. Despite its low budget as a TV movie thanks to CGI and bigger budgets, it actually stands up as a theater movie in terms of effects and sets, there's just not millions of huge action scenes like LOTR or something.


I recommend watching. A really unique spin on goblins and other races, I won't spoil it more than that. Mose notably about it is it stars Davide James Elliot (aka J.A.G.)
and Christopher Lloyd (the scientist of back to the future(s) movies)

Feb 11, 2010

Tired of NWN2... really.

Be forewarned this is pretty much a flat out bitch, but I am also trying to get something fixed so you may want to skip to the end.

For the entire span of my NWN2 history I have always had to deal with annoying shit that shows me why I will never buy atari trash again. However, having already began many months (and upgraded hardware) to make a big campaign, Im stick with what I have till my project is at least out. But as a player Ive always had to deal with my character jerking all over the place in game to the point where it was unbearable. Then I figured out a spyware scan would reduce it, until it got bad again. Until...

... the 1.22 patch and beyond. Now the problem is 100% of the time, is unrelated to spyware and even persists on brand new computer installations, I'm talking 3 diff windows versions, xp to 7, different computers, desktop, laptop, a diff laptop. And its no longer spyware related. Some of you have experience the weird lag where you run halfway across an area and then warp back to the start. It seems to be interrelated and I get that too, but also, every single time I stop running my character jerks all over the damn place. Its a major piss off and the only reason I could tolerate it is because I mostly mod, o nly going in to test briefly.

But its so bad now I cant ignore it. I cant test my own work on a theif quest because the jerky movement makes my character run out of hiding on his own. Theres a big thread for others with the problem:

A quick summary: we determined that a revert to v1.21 stops it. And I was doing that, until... I spent an entire saturday trying to figure out why my speak triggers are f*cked and then I tried the game on my laptop which is 1.23 and they work fine. So yet another day of my life wasted on what should be an instant task, and I have honestly lost track of how many times Ive done this one stupid script that atari left to the wind without telling anyone and I lost a day of life screwing with what should be automatic but I DIGRESS.

So what I am asking here if anyone can volunteer, do you have the problem or not, and either way, what is the main details of your comp, processor, vid card, windows version, DX? Thanks for any reports here.

In my own attempt to do more than my share to get this piece of shit working since obsidian obviously wont, I disabled virtually EVERY service and app and the bug still persists. There was even critical windows processes disabled!

To be honest as much as I hate further using this abomination, I have a lot invested in it and it finally has enough custom content that would make a great sequel. But with what I've seen even before this bug Im about ready to pack my bags for dragon age the second I release. I can't even give proper due to my fellow modders as this bug stops me from enjoying other mods, I tried Trinity recently. The only way I can get them to play smoothly is in v1.21 and with the random bugs it seems to cause i cant tell if its a legit bug to report or my fault for having an old version. But I'm really at my wits end with this shit and pretty much regret starting my campaign 2 years ago.

Feb 7, 2010

Brief report

Well I am just working as usual, on weekends only. I've taken a run at one of the larger items on my list and once I figure out why my triggers are bugged it's done. I seem to have contracted some kind of strept throat or something so Im a little lazy.

In other news my college may go on strike in a few days so maybe I will have the time for a power surge to the project completion then.