May 14, 2010

Is It Done Yet? or I Hate Cliff-Hangers

I just finished the "epilogue" of chapter 3 aka the end of the game. I haven't given it an "EPILOGUE" banner screen like I did with the prologue because the tale isn't finished. But the Campaign is.

At long last I can go through it in a relaxed "brush up" pace, where I just make little improvements here and there and add nodes so your companions are less quiet. I need to send this off to my testing personnel, I'll send it as just chapter 3 so they can focus on what might actually cause problems and not what they've already seen.

I've noticed a lot of people post about hating cliff hangers or unconcluded campaigns where the author never came back to finish them. I may become one of those thanks to this ending. I'm really not sure however I do know one thing, the toolset I can marginally live with, but playing nwn2 has become impossible. I've watched the game go from a humble, smooth running original, to a bugs piled upon bugs pile of unplayable garbage two expansions in. There is no reason to believe that will ever change so like I said, a good chance I will become one of those cliff hanger authors that everyone hates. But the ending seems to fit so good :)

I would not mind getting some commentary on my cliffhanger situation. Note however, that even if I eliminated the cliff hanger it would not end the tale, as the whole concept of islander involves "growing" into an adventurer and then heading to the mainland to solve problems there, with the game ending with the voyage to the mainland. But the cliffhanger will certainly leave a nagging mystery for anyone who has been paying attention to the plot the way through.

May 4, 2010

Beyond the End of the Road

I've wasted about a week trying to get conversations to begin without possibility of interruption, still not entirely sure that's even possible.

The game ending is now finished... you can fight your way right into the epilogue, which will be fairly extravagant in my campaign, but nothing too time consuming.

I miss the days when blogspot allowed me to use links or pictures.