Jun 21, 2013


Well this is interesting:

The vault seems to be dead, more literally than figuratively to be honest.

I had never really worried about it because I hard heard of the nexus, but upon seeing the ridiculously low download counts for modules on there ( see my post on the forum) I'm a little concerned about the whole situation. It sounds like vault 2.0 whatever that is, is the best hope.

I can already see a discussion about a new voting format... I don't see the point of putting my two cents in as I seem to prefer more objective approach than most modders, who I find may prefer to insulate themselves from the true scores of their modules.

But I'd like to add my two cents here just to get it out there:

Personally I would like to see limited high votes as had been bandied around and already squashed by Rolo.

If the vault system of votes were actually adhered too, I would have a much better benchmark of where I stand and other modules before I choose which ones to play. By vault voting standards I would be very happy if my works reach seven.... anything over 8 would make you an all star. Likewise I would find a 4 vote very informative as it indicates a near miss... room for improvement. And a 5 puts you middle of the pack. All useful places to be in my mind.

But the existing system of trying to figure out how a module that is a 9.4 is about 1/10th as polished and inventive as one rating 9.7 is basically useless. So if that's the alternative I say go with the equally uninformative thumbs up and down as per the nexus and how it seems to work. As has been echoed by my fellow modders, voting isn't necessary at all if it's done poorly. Personally as many know, I like my download counts. Without them I wouldn't have the energy to make free gaming experiences.

Oh and Karmic Troupers continues... I don't get many days off these days but it's going to be a shorter work with a reasonable release time as promised. You may even enjoy it. But more on that next post.