Jul 21, 2010

Forum death

All forums nwn2 and nwn1 say "this forum is now closed"
and show a post by chris priestly at 12:57 or 12:58.

I can get to the main index but not the individual forums so I assume this is some kind of attack?

Wouldn't that be my nightmare wasting 2 years on my campaign and not even getting it out there.

Jul 17, 2010

Idle waiting: Not quite

It took about two weeks but I finally got a formal tester going and had to fix some oversights before it was worthy.

While it is being played I am doing the proverbial twice over, where you go back and touch up very old decisions with a more modern mind and skillset. Sure I've done some polish but I am also thinking about what looks more appropriate themeatically.



The townspeople all wear summer clothes so I thought the companions, at least in their unarmed outfits should as well. It was a drastic change for the dark haired companion, who's personality is pretty formal and "non-romantic" if that's the right word. But then I thought hey she could have a xena type of outlook, where she dresses a little more feminine but doesn't draw attention to it. What do you think?

Using the ever summer outfits I was also able to do a scene where one npc is taking a bath that is pretty heavy on cinematics. It's a PG game at worst, but I think showing some humanity gives it good depth.

Once you get some decent armor everyone is fully covered anyway but the companion portrait remains in the "xena outfit" for the tall female companion so it adds to the high fantasy theme I want.

Note* Fantasy yes, stupid no; there is no bikini chainmail or bottomless plate armor where the crotch/buttock area is completely exposed and people are supposed to believe it's worth 5 or more to Armor clas :/