Mar 27, 2012

My Babies are alive!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Mar 11, 2012

Cracking the Code With Elysius

Thought I would make a quick update here as it has been a while. I did up the rough mesh for an owlbear. It really pays to have a picture or think about what you are doing first because I screwed around with it for a week because it didn't look quite right. Then I realized bears heads go straight out like a dogs, and not upward like a horse, which is how I had it. Anyway, before I go through all the rest does anyone know if it's somehow available in NWN2 already in a hak and I am wasting my time? I was trying to find a sorely missed but highly common monster that many would use.

As for the crocodile (Shaughn), I was able to contact Elysius now that he's partially temporarily un-retired from his blog, and got some good direction. I'll be able to animate this crocodile or any other model pretty easily as expected, now that I know how. Still working on texturing but I think I have an idea on that as well.

He also made it known how to borrow a skeleton, for the purpose of using brand new models, but existing animations, such as how the hill giant's appear to be done in that hak on the vault. So I guess I can do the flying eyeball at some point after the crocodile, once I give the eyeball actual teeth and wing textures that are more professional.

Any idea what a crocodile's animations should be? I think rather than just a lazy uncreative variation of bites, one of the attacks should be the famous death roll they do once they clamp down. So I guess I do have to pay some attention to the underbelly texturing quality.