Sep 27, 2009

TESTING TIME.... Alpha alpha alphaaaa

That's right it is time for Alpha testing, in the month of september as promised, I kept my dead line! This has to be a first for modders and commercial software makers, right?

Anyway I have no idea where I am going to put these honking files, please comment if you know a spot.



Sep 16, 2009

Well I have declared alpha testing this month, and basically set out to have one play through front to top to make sure everything worked from A to Z. Of course it didn't, but the good news is I have not only fixed bugs but while at it, made a lot of the non-working quests (which would have been left out of alpha for now) workable, so it will be a more complete alpha test in the end.

As always, I've found reasons and excuses to create more custom VFX. Here's a screen shot update of a quest that will now function in any release, alpha and beyond.

Well these guys don't belong here!
And you don't belong here!