Feb 4, 2012

Slow out of the gates...

So this texturing thing is really the big stall in the project. Although I don't know how to store animation sequences yet for NWN2 either. But really, to even make still objects I need to understand the texturing results once you define the "wrapper" for 2d painting.

I was a little busy switching jobs, and now I'm done so I'm back at it. I decided to recreate a ridiculous little monster I saw in cracked magazine some time in the 80s. I did this only because I thought I could quickly make a model, and see how textures show up on the model based on how I set the "seams" of the texturing boundaries. I've spent literally 3 days adjusting seams on this crocodile so I figured I should learn how they work through a quicker, less laborious prototype.

With all smoothing, detail, polish aside (and a mouse cursor drawn mouth to boot) it's not pretty but it doesn't have to be. At least I can see that a texture can be done and I have a better idea of what I am doing now. So back to it I go.

PS Been play testing for The Wizard's Apprentice 2. It's a far throw ahead from the original, much broader in scope and ambition. I actually was dissapointed I had to stop for a while while we tackle a bug in the progress of the plot.